LuLu Designs Jewelry

e-commerce website


Lulu Designs Jewelry is artisan jewelry, handmade in Sausalito, California by jewelry designer Stacy King and her team. Lulu Designs’ necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cuffs are sustainably sourced and available online at the Lulu Designs website created by Senta Creative.

Senta was really excited to work on this project bringing her online presents up to the same high quality of her jewelry. The “Homepage” consist of a slideshow featuring jewelry from the Lulu collections. Three main catalog sections divided the online shopping experience into smaller boutiques allowing the user to go directly to the product selection they are most interested in shopping.

The remaining navigation is made up of the Blog, Philosophy, and Lulu Video featuring the great Lulu Designs Jewelry kick-starter campaign video. The functionality of the websites backend allows Stacy and her team to easily track sales, send out newsletters, and invites to trunk sales, new product announcements, and other special Lulu Designs Jewelry sale invitations.


This example catalog page illustrates how the website was designed to visually fall away letting the actual piece of jewelry be the visual hero.


Many of the pieces in the Lulu collection are offered with different stones, metals, lengths, or ring sizes. We needed a clean and comprehensive way to allow the user to navigate through the many choice they are presented depending on the Lulu piece they are purchasing. We accomplished this with the use of both TABs and Dropdown menus. These product pages also feature a large zoom to see the piece of jeweler in greater detail.


The “Philosophy” page, simple and clean.