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Updating the overall visual vocabulary of American Way, the award-winning international travel magazine for American Airlines with a monthly circulation of 2.7 million (published twice monthly) involved freshening the over all design of the interior sections of the magazine, in addition to adjustments to typography and the color palette. It also included a redesign of the magazines cover.

The cover design involved a complex planning process with the design and editorial teams, the publisher, and group president, as well as input from American Airlines corporate communications division, and the vice president of marketing. Celebrity choice included that input, plus was extremely time-sensitive (according to the celebrity’s book, movie, etc. projects and their newsworthiness). Working with several levels of publicists and agencies, I negotiated photo-shoot scheduling, photographer and ancillary-services, and the often-sticky celebrity photo-review process. Due to the twice-monthly publication schedule and the various demands of celebrity schedules, photo shoots were often orchestrated from start to finish in just one to three days.